Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus artistic staff is made up of an exciting and very talented group of people.  Click on their names below to find out more about who they are and what they do when they aren't directing or playing for our great kids.



Aunty Nola Nahulu-   Artistic Director for HYOC, director for Gioventu Musicale, Kuho'okahi and Ragazzi Ensembles

Nicole Sakata- Director Stelline and Bambini Ensembles

Naomi Castro- Director Coro Ensemble

Aunty Chet Yeng Loong- Early learning advisor (Stelline and Bambini)

Uncle Erik Haines- Vocal Coach

Aunty Kanani Kelekolio- Kumu Hula

Mia Porecca- Director Cantilena Ensemble

Minhee Kim- Dorector Stelline and Bambini Ensembles



Administrative Staff:

Malia Ka'ai Barrett- General Manager




Aunty Wendy Chang-  Associate Artistic Director and Principal Accompanist

Uncle Phil Hidalgo-  Accompanist and Education Outreach Coordinator

Aunty Rucci Aamodt-  Accompanist, Festival Coordinator and Piano Teacher

Steven Severin - Accompanist




 Megan Sala