Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Please find a list of common forms below with their descriptions.  Click on each one for a printable PDF.


Opening Season Letter and FAQ


Payment Policy - Please review.  This document clearly states HYOC's policies when payments are due, when or if a partial refund is allowed etc.


Fee and Tuition cost schedule


Music Camp Permission Slip - Fall 2017


Saturday Rehearsal Schedule


HYOC Checklist - Is your child ready for another season with HYOC?  This check list will help tell you at a glance the things needing your attention and the timeline to accomplish these tasks.


Annual Waiver and Agreement- (Annual Release From) to be signed every year and turned into the office.  Signed by singer and parents or guardians.


Parent Volunteer - Google Docs Form  - As a small not for profit organization, HYOC relies heavily on volunteer support especially from our families.  This form will help let us know what time you might have to offer and what special skills you may possess that we could "call upon you" for your support.  Please let us know where your gifts and talents lie that we might be able to "tap into" and help keep HYOC providing a high quality product in a cost effective manner.


Ride Waiver- Google Docs Form -  Informs Staff & Chaperones how your child goes home from a performance or event and or who your student can ride home with.  This is a google docs form and can be used per situation or give a blank waiver for the entire season.  Required each season if you child is going home with someone OTHER than immediate parents or guardians as known commonly by our staff or chaperones.


Absentee Form- for those times when you know you can't make it.


Student Expectations- should be reviewed annually


Parent Handbook - Should be reviewed annual by students and parents


Scholarship Request Application -  If you need Financial Aid - please complete and turn in to the office before the start of the new semester.  For more information please see our Financial Aid Policies & Process