Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rehearsals - Saturdays, 9:30 am to 10:45 am Room 201

Director - Aunty Loong, Dr. Chet Yeng Loong


For this age group (K - 1) there is simply an enrollment period.  The class sizes are typically no more that 20 - 25 students per class which allows for one on one attention between the class instructor and the students.   This ensemble is considered a “general music appreciation class.”  We utilize unison singing, worksheets, movement, teaching songs to lay the foundation of musical concepts.  Teaching techniques are taken from Kodaly & Orff schools of thought.

The class is a "non performing general music" ensemble, which means that with the exception of 4 organization-wide concerts (Christmas Concert, Spring Fundraiser, Spring Concert & Spring Parent "Ohana Day"), the members of this ensemble do not do any other performing. The aforementioned concerts are concerts that all members of the organization grades K - 12 participate. For this age group we do not have them start singing at shopping centers or retirement homes or other private type performances until the child is in at least the 3rd grade or higher. These children simply arrive on the enrollment dates and are integrated directly into the rehearsal process.

After spending at least one semester in this ensemble the child then becomes eligible to advance to Stelline.